CL-Cow Replacer

First Day Colostrum for Newborn Calves
Colostrum, + Probiotics, Electrolytes, Vitamins ADE and a complete nutritional feeding for newborns. An absolute must for cold, weak, lethargic or calves that do not want to nurse.

•Most of our customers give 1 pkg. to calves that are cold, weak or won't nurse.   Use 2 pkgs. on ranches with high disease levels or for orphan calves
•Mixes easily with 1 quart of warm water    --2 Year Exp. Dates--
•Users have reported CL-Cow Replacer to have been a "life saver"
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Bovine Colostrum Spec Sheet Day 1 Calf Milk Replacer
CL-Cow Replacer

Costro Lac Powder

Preventative supplement used to limit disease outbreaks
Probiotic, vitamin & trace mineral supplement -Encourages appetite & promotes a healthy gut microflora

•Can be mixed in whole milk or milk replacer
•Replaces any need for Vitamins A, D3, E or C supplements.
•Use daily for 3 to 7 feedings.
•Improves health where scours is a problem.
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natural bovine immune booster probiotic additive for calf milk
Costro Lac Powder

Water Tank Probiotic +

Water Soluble- Probiotic & Vitamin Supplement for Stock Tanks
Designed to Help Maintain Healthy Rumen pH levels and Aid in Digestion

•Helps to Reduce Intestinal Infections & Improve Overall Health
•Extremely Cost Effective --- $0.06 per head per month
•Give 1 Scoop per 50 Head per Week (25 Scoops per Jar)
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water soluble probiotic for cattle stock tank acidosis relief
Water Tank Probiotic Plus

Zyesta Plus

Multi-Purpose feed enhancer for the digestion of plant matter
Improves digestion of plant matter and nutrient absorption

•Lowers the cost of feeding
•Encourages appetite and improves feed intake
•Contains enzymes and yeast to help maintain healthy gut functions
•Add 1 lb to 2 lbs. per ton of feed
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calf starter ration natural calf starter
Zyesta Plus

Vitamin AD³E Soluble

Helps to lessen weight loss & stress associated with weaning.
Water soluble Vitamin A, D and E.

•Easy to use. Easy to mix. Use in water tank at weaning.
•Add 2 cups of Vitamin A D E Soluble to 500 gallons of drinking water.
•Cost effective & makes for a better bottom line
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weaning vitamin supplement water soluble vitamin ade
Vitamin A D E Soluble

Cuprem's Hay & Silage Preservative

Our #1 Combination Product for Hay and Silage
550 Gm -- Treats: •50 Tons Hay •100 Tons Silage •100 Ton Haylage or •50 Ton Wet Corn

•Safe & Easy to Use. (water soluble) -Non-Corrosive, No Refrigeration Needed
•Reduce Mold, Nutrient Loss & Weather Delays - Bale at Higher Moisture Levels
•Best Results: Hay 20-25%, Silage 50-75%     *See Label for Additional Use
•Inoculanted with Feed Enzymes to Improve Digestion in Ruminants
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Bulk Hay Silage Inoculant Hay & Silage Combined Inoculant
Cuprem's Hay & Silage Preservative

Ruminant Energy Plus

A concentrated high energy oral drench
Boosts energy & glucose levels naturally for calves and cows

•Provides a quick source of energy for weak or smaller calves
•Keeps cow’s energy levels up to help her recover from calving.
•Use 2 oz. per 100 lbs. of body weight. Repeat in 24 hrs. if needed.
•Product made with colostrum containing min 60% fat (for energy)
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Bovine Calf Booster Cold Calf Booster
Ruminant Energy Plus

Calf 7 Capsules

Helps to Naturally Lower the Cost of Raising Calves
Give at Birth for Strengthened Immune Systems & Healthier Calves --- Contains: 4 Different Live Probiotic Strains for Scours Defense, Vitamins ADE, Trace Minerals, Dried Egg Solids, Electrolytes, as well as numerous strains of Yeast and Feed Enzymes

•Helps to Increase Appetite & Speed Up Rumen Development in Calves
•Our users report anywhere from 8-20 more lbs. at weaning
•Also Beneficial for recovery from Illness, Stress or Antibiotic Treatment
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Organic Scour Defense for Scours Natural Calf Capsule
Calf 7 Capsule
Calf Balling Gun
-- For Use with-- Calf 7 Capsules
Small Plastic

Probiotic 512T Paste

Probiotic Paste -- Helps to balance gut microflora
Use anytime the immune system is weakened, or when calves are needing a boost

•Natural Formual -- Drug Free - Repeat when needed
•Use 5 grams to help calves at birth, or 15 gms for cows at freshening
•Easy to Apply -15 gm tubes have precision dosage dials
•300 gm Tubes require 3 Tab Dispensing Gun
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Calf diarrhea aid Preventative Treatment for Calf Scours
Probiotic 512T Paste
3-Tab Dosing Gun
-- For Use with-- 300 gm Tubes
Dispensing Gun

Rapid Rumen Factors

Helps cattle that have stopped eating regain their appetite
Works to restores a normal pH level in the stomach, and reintroduces natural microorganisms in the stomach

•Users report a need for fewer drugs & a short recovery time
•Contains prebiotics, probiotics, multivitamins & trace minerals
•125 gram pkg. for animals 150-400 lbs
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Supplement for Cattle Off Feed cattle intestinal aid
Rapid Rumen Factors


Surelife is a leading scour product
Firms up looseness caused by scours

•Replenishes electrolytes and helps prevent dehydration
•Maintains an animal's appetite and hydration
•Designed to provide a complete reduced nutritional feeding
•If given at the first sign of scours it may be all you'll need
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surelife for scours drench for scouring calves
Surelife W/S


Designed to help calves suffering from cryptosporidium
As yearlings, calves with Crypto typically weigh 20 to 200 pounds less than healthy calves

•All natural. No withdraw.
•For farms with a history of scours.
•Helps calves to maintain appetite during & after looseness has returned to normal
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calves with cryptosporidium Crypto Relief