C-Tech Flex E.H.P

Natural support for horses that have severe joint problems

Helps a horse's body repair damaged connective tissue, lubricate joints, and fight inflammation.

•Includes probiotics to help maintain a healthy intestinal microflora
•Contains enzymes for improved digestion
•Contains therapeutic levels of MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin
•Palatable formula with very few problems of sorting reported
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Horse Joint Relief Horse arthritis treatment
C-Tech Flex E.H.P

C-Tech Equine Health Factors

Feed Supplement for healthy gut function, joint health & digestion

For preventive joint health, reduced stress related problems & improved digestion of starch & plant matter.

•Contains enzymes for increased digestion of starch & roughage
•Includes probiotics for a healthy microbial balance in the stomach & gut
•Ingredients helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and joint stiffness
•Use at a rate of 1 or 2 measures daily. (1 Measure = 8 Grams)
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Feed Probiotic for Equine Health Horse Digestion Supplement
C-Tech Equine Health Factors

C-Tech Equine Paste

Probiotic Paste for horses under stress or with upset digestive tracts

Works to restore proper pH balance in the gut, encourage appetite & reduce the duration of scours
•Helps weanlings settle in and create appetite
•Palatable formula in an easy-to-administer tube
•Great for foals at birth as well as horses traveling long distances
•Usage 5 to 15 grams  *See directions for more info.
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Equine Probiotic for Gut Problems Oral Probiotic for Horses
C-Tech Equine Paste

Zyesta Plus

All-natural feed additive that will reduce feed costs

Improve feed digestibility, increases nutrient absorption and supports a healthy gut

•Users report ½ lb feed savings per horse per day
•Encourages appetite and improves feed intake
•Palatable formula can be top dressed or mixed in feed
•Add ½ to 1 measure daily (100 measures per kilo package)
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Horse Daily Feed Enzyme Top Dress Probiotic for Horses
Zyesta Plus

Microbios® Hay Inoculant

Lowers Temperatures & Decreases Spoilage

One package Inoculants 25 tons Hay or 50 tons Haylage

•Spray on hay at time of bailing to reduce dry matter loss
•Micro Encapsulated
•Simply Mix in Water - Cost Effective
•For Haylage 50-70% or Hay 20-25% Moisture
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Bacterial Inoculant for Grass Hay Inoculant for Hay Bailing
Microbios Hay Inoculant W/S


Surelife is A Leading Scour Product

Firms up looseness caused by scours

•Replenishes electrolytes and helps prevent dehydration
•Maintains an animal's appetite and hydration
•Designed to provide a complete reduced nutritional feeding
•If given at the first sign of scours it may be all you'll need
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Scour Spec Sheet Equine Natural Scour Supplement
Surelife W/S

Vitamin AD³E Soluble

Helps to Keep Up Vitamin Levels on Pastures with very little grass
Water soluble source of Vitamind A, D and E.

•Easy to use. Easy to mix. Use in water tank at weaning.
•Add 1/2 cup of Vitamin A D E Soluble to 500 gallons of drinking water.
•Cost effective & makes for a better bottom line
•Contains 60 -- 1/2 Cup Servings per Bag
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weaning vitamin supplement water soluble vitamin ade
Vitamin A D E Soluble

CL-Mare Replacer

A colostrum supplement for newborn foals

A source of probiotics, bovine IgG's and the necessary nutrients for a foal in the first day of life

•Helps foals receive enough nutrients & energy to get up and begin nursing
•For Orphans- Use along with Gold Label Whey
•Probiotics help to jump start a healthy gut and avoid future scour problems
•For best results- Use along with mare's colostrum or blood plasma
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Foal Milk Replacer Mare Colostrum
CL Mare Replacer