Di-A-Zyme 256 Concentrate

5 Strains of Microbials, 5 Enzymes plus immune factors
For Broilers/Layers/Breeders mix at a rate of 15 grams per ton

•Increases and maintains a healthy digestive tract
•Use 40-110 Grams per Ton (2,000 lbs)
•Water soluble- Can be sprayed over feed or used in dry form
•"Good" Bacteria: 4 Billion Colony Forming units per gram
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Concentrate Microbial Feedlot Feed Additive
Di-a-zyme 256 Concentrate

Di-A-Zyme W/S Concentrate

Proprietary -- Enzyme Based Pre-Mix
For All rations mix 80 to 110 grams per ton of complete feed

•All-purpose enzyme additive
•Improves Feed Conversion, very cost effective
•Water Soluble-Spray on ration or mix dry
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Water Soluble Feed Enzyme Supplement Feed Tonage Enzyme
Di-a-zyme W/S Concentrate

Microbios Hay Inoculant

Lowers Temperatures & Reduces Mold
One package Inoculants 25 tons Hay or 50 tons Haylage

•Spray on hay at time of bailing to reduce dry matter loss
•Micro Encapsulated
•Simple to Use & Cost Effective
•For Haylage 50-70% or Hay 20-25% Moisture
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Pasture Hay Inoculant Grass Hay Water Soluble Hay Inoculant
Microbios Hay Inoculant W/S

Microbios Silage Inoculant

Reduces Dry Matter Loss by increasing rate of fermentation
Inoculants 50 Tons of Silage or 25 Tons of High Moisture Corn

•Faster Fermentation complete in 96 hours
•Non-Corrosive - Easy on Equipment
•Can Reduce Dry Matter Losses 5-10% in a well-managed bunker
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Preserve Silage at Higher Moisture Wet Corn Inoculant
Microbios Silage Inoculant W/S

Cuprem's Hay & Silage Preservative

Our Best Combination Product for Hay and Silage
550 Gm -- Treats: •50 Tons Hay •100 Tons Silage •100 Ton Haylage or •50 Ton Wet Corn

•Safe & Easy to Use. (water soluble) -Non-Corrosive, No Refrigeration Needed
•Reduce Mold, Nutrient Loss & Weather Delays - Bale at Higher Moisture Levels
•Best Results: Hay 20-25%, Silage 50-75%     *See Label for Additional Use
•Inoculanted with Feed Enzymes to Improve Digestion in Ruminants
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Bulk Hay Silage Inoculant Hay & Silage Combined Inoculant
Cuprem's Hay & Silage Preservative

Vitamin AD³E Soluble

Helps to lessen weight loss & stress associated with weaning.
Water soluble Vitamin A, D and E.

•Easy to use. Easy to mix. Use in water tank at weaning.
•Add 2 cups of Vitamin A D E Soluble to 500 gallons of drinking water.
•Cost effective & makes for a better bottom line
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Water Tank Vitamin Additive Dried Vitamin ADE Supplement
Vitamin A D E Soluble

Zyesta Plus

Multi-Purpose feed enhancer for the digestion of plant matter
Improves digestion of plant matter and nutrient absorption

•Lowers the cost of feeding
•Encourages appetite and improves feed intake
•Contains enzymes and yeast to help maintain healthy gut functions
•Add 1 lb to 2 lbs. per ton of feed
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Zyesta Plus Calf Starter Natural Animal Health Supplement
Zyesta Plus