Microbios Lagoon-Pit Kare

Cuprem's Top Selling Odor Management Product
Waste treatment product that utilizes Natural Bacteria, Yeast, Enzymes, and Fungi
to reduce odor and break down solids

•Highly Concentrated and Extremely Cost Effective
•Reduces Fibrous Crust
•1 Package treats 200,000 gallons of waste water
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Naturally Eat Lagoon & Manure Waste Lagoon Pit Kare for Waste Water
Microbios Lagoon-Pit-Kare

Microbios Septic Kare

Reduces Sludge & Solids in Septic Tanks & Sewer Lines
Utilizes Natural Bacteria, Enzymes, Microbes & Fungi for a natural alternative

•Manufacturer Direct = More Active Microbes
•Reduces the number of times you will need to pump your septic tank
•Use every 4 months for Septic Tank Maintenance
•1 package (250 grams) treats a 750 to 1000 gallon tank
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organic septic tank product Natural Septic Tank Solid & Sludge Eater
Microbios Septic Kare

Microbios Sink Kare

Natural Digester for use in pipes and drains
Reduces pipe build-up & erodes existing build ups

•Non caustic, safe & effective
•Utilizes natural bacteria, enzymes and fungi
•Cost effective for regular usage
•Ramps up the natural decomposition process
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Dumpster Odor Eliminator Organic Odor Remover
Microbios Sink Kare