CL-Sow Replacer

First Day Colostrum for Newborn Piglets
Colostrum, + Probiotics, Electrolytes, Vitamins ADE and a complete nutritional feeding for newborns. An absolute must for cold, weak, lethargic or piglets that do not want to nurse.

•Feed 1 pkg. when there simply isn't enough colostrum milk to go around
•Mixes easily with 2 quarts of warm water    --2 Year Exp. Dates--
•Users have reported CL-Sow Replacer to have been a "life saver"
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Day 1 Hog Milk Powdered Sow Colostrum
CL- Sow Replacer

Di-A-Zyme Swine

Probiotic & Enzyme --Natural Feed Additive -- for Stronger Immune System for Hogs of All Ages
When Added to Daily Feed Rations, Di-A-Zyme Swine works to Boost Feed Conversion, Lower Vet & Antibiotic Bills, and Reduce Piglet Scours and Pre-weaning Mortality

•Availble in 110 gm. pkgs. (1 pkg. w/ 1 Ton Feed) or 55 lb Drums (227 Ton)
•Proprietary Formula   --Comes with 18 Month Exp. Date--
•Feed Mills and Dealers call for your custom packaging needs
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Day 1 Hog Milk Powdered Sow Colostrum
Di-A-Zyme Swine Concentrate

Pig Kare

Gives piglets a short & long-term energy boost
Designed to be a quick and efficient energy source

•Provides energy needed for piglets to get up and fight for a teat
•Weak pigs should receive a second dosage every 3 to 4 hours.
•Increases weight of pigs at three weeks.
•May be used on older pigs that fall behind litter mates.
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Probiotic & Energy for Piglets Natural Piglet Runt Saver
Pig Kare W/ Pump

Microbios Lagoon-Pit Kare

Cuprem's Top Selling Odor Management Product
Waste treatment product that utilizes Natural Bacteria, Yeast, Enzymes, and Fungi
to reduce odor and break down solids

•Highly Concentrated and Extremely Cost Effective
•Reduces Fibrous Crust
•1 Package treats 200,000 gallons of waste water
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Enzymes for Natural Lagoon Digestion Odor Reducer for Lagoon Pits
Microbios Lagoon-Pit-Kare