Bea’s Best has six products for human health. Two of the products are exceptional in that research has shown they are helpful in preventing major health problems in humans.

Healthy Gut Support contains 10 probiotic strains that support healthy intestinal flora as further described in under the product. (Why taking probiotics makes antibiotics more tolerable)

Pure Colostrum 200g V.1 is a dietary supplement and is explained under (New Colostrum Supplement for Humans)

Both products are fully explained right here under Company News.

The other four products are excellent but needs to be used for specific health problems normally detected by a doctor.

The two products that will most likely help everyone that takes them are Healthy Gut Support and Pure Colostrum 200g V.1 .  A person can take both every day, once or twice a week,  but how often they should be taken depends on the individual’s health.  Most, if not all will be helped with some usage.


Arwin V. Mulford