For raising healthier Calves!

Cuprem CL Cow Replacer will be a must for many, partly because of the weather this year.  We have a new product, CL Colostrum Replacer that is for ranches that have problem with scours that can be used in place of CL Cow Replacer.  Cuprem Calf 7 Capsules, Costro Lac Powder, Cryp-To-Cal, Cryp D-7, Surelife W/S and Surelife D-3 Powder are products designed to help with calves and ranches that have a health problem on new born calves.

Everyone who has cows that are going to calve need to know about each one of these products to use for different types of scours and the health problems that they work on.

Look at each product on the website to learn more.

Have a good Calving season.


Arwin V. Mulford