Di-A-Zyme W/S Concentrate


Proprietary — Enzyme Based Pre-Mix

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Proprietary — Enzyme Based Pre-Mix
For All rations mix 80 to 110 grams per ton of complete feed

•All-purpose enzyme additive
•Improves Feed Conversion, very cost effective
•Water Soluble-Spray on ration or mix dry

Label Information

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protease = (5,000,000 Units/Kg. Min)
  • Amylase = (37,500,000 Units/Kg. Min)
  • Cellulase = (2,000,000 Units/Kg. Min)
  • Lipase = (1,500,000 Units/Kg. Min)
  • Pectinase = (1,000,000 Units/kg. Min)
  • (1000 grams = one kilo)


Anhydrous Dextrose, Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Extract, Cellulase, Lipase and Pectinase.  Enzymes produced by Rhizopus Fermentation and extraction methods.


Add 110 grams per ton of feed. (All: corn, milo, and soybean rations)


Store in a dry, cool room. Avoid moisture. (Below 65° degrees)


Additional information

Di-A-Zyme W/S

110 gram package, 25 kilo bulk Drum (55 lbs)


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