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CL- Cow Replacer comes in 3 sizes – A 125 gm pkg. that is designed to boost the Immune response of a Calf that has already received 2 to 4 quarts of Cow Colostrum. Used primarily on Dairies as a Boost to their own Liquid Cow Colostrum.

CL Cow Replacer 250 gm pkg. is designed primarily for Beef Calves that for some reason or another do not nurse their mother shortly after birth. Cuprem suggests that it is mixed in one quart of water, so the calf will still be hungry and will want to nurse. Orphan calves that will not receive any colostrum need to use two 250 gm packages in 2-3 quarts of water.

CL Cow Replacer 500 Gram package contains 100 grams of IgGs, Plus Probiotics, Vitamins AD³E, immune factors from egg proteins and yeast, and is a Complete Day 1 Feeding. Used when you know that the calf is not going to receive any cow colostrum.

Our CL Cow Replacer is the same formula but with 3 package sizes, due to customer request we now offer CL Cow in 3 package sizes for added convenience.