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C.L. Cow Replacer

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Cuprem C.L. Cow Replacer and all of our C.L. Replacers are very cost effective. Customers tell us it mixes easier than any other product they have used. They also tell us it has saved more newborns than other products they’ve used. Use it on every newborn that doesn’t nurse from it’s mother, or that hasn’t been given colostrum from it’s mother within one hour of birth.

Even if newborns have nursed from their mother, farms that have a history of scours or pneumonia should give C.L. replacer for further protection.

Newborns that do not receive any colostrum from its mother should be given C.L. Replacer twice before the newborn is 2 hours old, then again 4 to 6 hours later.


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Cuprem is looking for someone interested in joining our team as we continue to grow. We are looking to hire for all areas of the company which include:

Office (basic office work like taking orders and website maintenance)


Manufacturing of our products.

If you think you would be a good match and you are willing to work please send us your resume and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Send Resume to:

Cuprem Inc.
PO box 147
Kenesaw, NE 68956
or email us at:


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Why Cuprem products are not on sale with big discounts. Most web pages and most stores have products on sale everywhere.

Cuprem’s regular prices would be what our sale prices would be. Cuprem’s policy is simple, have as good or better products then our competition and price them just as low as Cuprem can and still stay in business.

Cuprem from time to time has products that are going to be discontinued or are out dated. Instead of  just throwing them in the trash they will be listed on in the discounted products category and are priced at a loss to Cuprem. Generally the product have there value to you, the consumer.


Arwin V. Mulford Pres.

Cuprem Inc.

New Webpage

By |September 20th, 2021|Uncategorized| is a new webpage and we are just now gathering ideas about products that you think we should consider. Any idea’s or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you happen to be a manufacturer of either human or companion animal products and would like to market them through please let us know and maybe we can work something out.

Arwin V. Mulford President
Cuprem Inc.


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Customers who have ordered:


One who bought a 10 year old track horse that came off the track with Bowden tendon. They started him on C-Tech Flex E.H.P in 2016 and gave him 2 scoops daily. They still ride him 1-2 hours 4 days a week. He has been able to keep his mobility since taking the C-Tech Flex E.H.P.

Another customer has a 23 year old Quarter horse and has been using it for 3 months and they can tell that the horse is much more comfortable with less arthritis pain.


A customer who has goats purchased Rapid Rumen Factor for their goat and they said “This product helped turn my goat around.” Great Stuff! He loves it!

From all of us here at Cuprem Inc. we would like to say “thank you” to all of our customers!

Company History

Arwin V. Mulford along with Glen & Gerald Gangwish, started G&M Feeds, Inc. in 1958. The name changed to Cuprem Feeds and soon after to Cuprem, Inc. Arwin was elected President and CEO in November of 1958, the position he still holds today.

As G&M Feeds, Inc. located just 9 miles down the road in Juniata, Nebraska is where our company manufactured livestock feed until 1960. Over time, our company began the shift from a regional feed mill to an international animal health company.

Cuprem, Inc. was one of the 1st in the U.S to manufacture colostrum products for newborns. We have since continued to grow our product line from colostrum and milk replacers to: probiotics for intestinal health, scour aids, microbes for odor digestion, enzymes for feed efficiency, joint products, hay/silage products & much more.

Our goal has always been to make products that improve the health of your livestock but also the bottom line of your operation. We specialize in natural products most of which can be used alongside medication, if need be.

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call, email, or stop by Kenesaw, Nebraska we’ve been here for over 60 years!




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