Customers who have used Rapid Rumen Factors claims it has helped to turn their goats around.

Customers who have used C-Tech Flex E.P.H. have said:

One customer bought a 10-year-old horse that had won 198 k and raced 65 races. When he came off the track, he had Bowden tendon. They started him on C-Tech Flex E.H.P in 2016 and they give him 2 scoops daily. Their horse is now 28 years old.  They still ride him between 1-2 hours 4 days a week. They say he’s been able to keep his mobility since starting him on C-Tech Flex E.H.P.

Another customer with a 23-year-old Quarter horse said that they had been using C-Tech Flex E.H.P for 3 months and can tell she is more comfortable with less arthritic pain.