Microbios® Sink Kare


Natural Digester for use in pipes and drains


Natural Digester for use in pipes and drains
Reduces pipe build-up & erodes existing build ups

•Non caustic, safe & effective
•Utilizes natural bacteria, enzymes and fungi
•Cost effective for regular usage
•Ramps up the natural decomposition process

A Natural Odor & Solid Digester

A sink treatment product that utilizes natural bacteria, enzymes, fungi, and yeast to break down waste in pipes.


Kitchen Sink:  Use 1 package (125 grams) per month.  Pour 1/2 package in garbage disposal and 1/2 package in main sink drain

Bathroom Sink:  Use 1 package in bathroom sink every 2 months.


Product is designed to help maintain clean flowing pipes,  Microbios Sink Kare is not designed to open plugged or clogged pipes.

Store in cool dark place out of direct sunlight.  Notice:  Keep out of the reach of children

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Microbios® Sink Kare

125 Gram Pkg


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